Master Liu Zhankui
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After decades of pursuit for enlightenment and practice of both qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Master Liu attained enlightenment and found a shortcut towards quick self-healing, fitness and longevity as well as advancement in qigong practice.

Based on the principles of the fundamental Hunyuan Entirety Theory, Master Liu compiled and created a very rational and effective new form - Zhineng Breathing Exercise (ZBE) for the sick to restore health within a short period of time, the healthy to keep fit and achieve longevity as well as to come up to advanced standards of practice.

Master Liu discovered and mastered the law of mysterious-aperture opening-up method which was an ancient wisdom development method (Dang Tou Bang He) passed down from the holy sages over thousands of years.

Master Liu combined the mysterious-aperture opening-up method (MAOM) with Prof. Pang’s Chi-field theory, created many miracles during group healing and group practice. The practitioners whose vital points were opened up will attain superb health and longevity; they have also obtained advanced levels of wisdoms (unusual powers). This is a great contribution to human conscious evolution to develop superb wisdoms and bring the humanity up to a higher state. The re-birth of the MAOM is of epoch-making significance.